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Where Tony & Christine have been

We have been in and out of YWAM over they years as we follow the opportunities and vision God has given us.
Six years ago the idea of collaborating really caught our attention. How can we help people to do what they are already doing, better.
This has been as we work with LETS here in Kona, https://letskona.com, as we help schools use technology well, https://asianref.org/, and help ministires and countries manage and power their websites, https://ywamphilippines.com, https://ywamshipsphilippines.org.  

Tony is from

207 Hikawera Rd, Martinborough, New Zealand

Christine is from

3935 Christina Rd, Chino, CA 91710, USA

Tony's DTS

At the time, YWAM Pahi, now known as YWAM Zion.
6 Piccadilly St, Pahi, Northland, New Zealand.


Christine's DTS

YWAM Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Tony's SOE

Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

Christine's Health Care School


Christine's Health Care School, Outreach

Surigao & Manila Philippines

Tony's Health Care School

Smoky Mountian, Manila

Tony's Health Care School, Outreach

Surigao City, Philippines

T&C Married 18th July 1987

YWAM Wellington

Working with the Base in Wellington till it closed in 1990

Bakersfield, CA, USA

Family time for three years.

YWAM Auckland

Full time and part-time. Till 1997.

Home School, Home Business

18 years of home schooling and home business.

IT, all things computers & the internet.


Business as Missions, lifestyle followers of Jesus.

We seem to have found ourselves in the Pacific, and yet we do work as far a field as India. We run a number of services that you might find useful.

Websites for YWAM

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Websites for YWAMer

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Some History

Over thirty years ago, we helped build a boat in Surigao, Philippines, to be able to go from Island to Island for the Gospel in Words and Deeds.

Today we want to help you build your website about what you do.

We are currently helping YWAM Philippines regain control of their website. One of the frustrating things about anything to do with the internet is technology changes fast. You can invest time and money in to a theme or plugin, and a few years later it is unusable. WordPress moves on, the internet moves on, and yesterday’s practice and methods are now invalid.

This is a big reason why I suggest you host with us.

We run our own servers. We know our software. We can fix the problem or find a way forward to overcome whatever problems you might have.

We also have posts on our site that help you learn how to build out your website using WordPress.



Email: sitemaster@ainet.biz
Ph: +1-808-498-7146

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This is the hosting domain name we can use, we also have ywam.me.
You are able to have any untaken sub domain at ywam.life, from ‘yourname.ywam.life’ to ‘country.ywam.life;, or ‘city.ywam.life, or even ‘ministry.ywam.life’.

We run our own cPanel webserver, we are not a third part reseller, if you have a problem, when you talk to us, you are talking to the people that can do it. If we can not do it, no one can.

Extra services.

We can help you with site transferes.

Taking an existing WordPress site and hosting it on ywam.life

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ywam.life this site.