Building Step by Step

Now that you have a website hosted with us, you want to build it out.

These lessons are designed to get your website up and running quickly, using plugins re recommend, and a nice and easy Theme. Nothing to difficult.

Your feed back will be appreciated.

Let’s start.

Logging in for the first time. This is an index of all the lessons in Blogging.

Themes are what gives your website the look and feel

Customizing your Theme, taking your theme to the next step.

Menus help your users navigate throughout your website.

Widgets are siding items or header or footer items that allow people to see your website.

Pages are static items like About Us, Contact Us, Meet the Staff. These do not change much from week to week, but you do want to add to them and change them so the Google Spiders and the Bing Spiders see a change.

Posts are chronological items on your website. You can create categories and have them as menu items and develop an ongoing conversation with people that visit your site, we also suggest that you use MailPoet to encourage people to sign up for your onsite newsletter.

Left and Right margins in this Theme, Twenty Seventeen.

Plugins extend the ability of your website to do more, to protect you, and to help with the management of your site.


Look below to see a post on the Security Plugins, we highly recommend you install right away!

MailPoet allows you to create a subscription lists that people are able to sign up to.

Give is a Donation plugin, at the free level you can create a Project or Champaign to raise support.

NextGEN is a gallery presentation plugin.

Security, it never stops

Plugins to install.

Security Plugins

Keeping everything up to date.

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