MailPoet is the plugin we use to manage our subscriptions lists. I hope you have signed up for ours!

This is the first video on how to set up Mailpoet.

Create an Account

You need to go to, create an account using the email address we give you for your website.
You cannot use a account. Mailpoet wants an email that is associated with your domain name to make sure you are not a spammer.
Once you have created your account you need to wait to be verified.

Key activation

Part 2 is setting up your Account and Plugin once you get a confirmation back from MailPoet for your account. This might be in a day or so.

What the Key activation needs to look like is this:

Now how to get to this.

  • Install your key from your page
  • Make sure your send email address is in the page
  • Make sure your domain is in the page
    I found this to be the hardest thing to get verified as we are using cPanel Servers.
This was the information that I was asked to insert, and as you see my server is currently Invalid.

To overcome this I needed to do quite a bit of manipulation from what they asked me to do to get it right in cPanel.

There is quite a difference. Subtle in some cases but very important to get this right, once I did I got.

MailPoet -> Emails

Welcome Email

We want to set up a welcome email that is sent to a new Subscriber immediately.

These next areas are pretty self-explanatory, so have a play and ask me some questions if you run into problems.


Post Notifications

MailPoet -> Forms

MailPoet -> Subscribers

MailPoet -> Lists



MailPoet -> Settings


Set up your name and email address for this domain in all the fields, under Default sender and New subscriber notifications. [Save settings]

Sign-up Confirmation

You can change the Sign-up Confirmation to suit your needs. [Save settings]

Sent With

Set to MailPort. [Save settings]


I put in a different bounce email so I would get it on my main email account rather than the one with the domain name.
Everything else I left the same. [Save settings]