Your Menus

Your menu system on your Homepage is down the bottom, and comes into view as people scroll on your site.

When people navigate to various pages, the menu system is at the top.

The easiest way to set up your Menu is to create the holder pages. So go to Pages, and create as many pages as you need, you only need to give the these pages a useful title, something like:

  • Home
  • .org
  • Take our Class
  • Learning WordPress
  • Your Website
  • About
  • Contact

Having created these pages we want to assign them to the Menu System.

Under Appearance on your Dashboard you will see the Menus option.
Click on this item to open up Menus.

Create a New Menu

At the top of the Menu Screen, you will see the menu you currently have active. It is possible that you may need to create one. If so click on the link, “create a new menu”.
You can give the menu a name, Top Menu works.
Now you are ready to create items for this menu.

Using the existing Menu

There are many items that you can create for your menu.

We are suggesting that to begin with you just use some holder pages.

Put a tick in the pages you want then click on Add to Menu.

If you can not find a Page you have just created you can search for it or look under View All.

Other Items

In this example you can see things like Donation Form, Project Categories & Tags.
This is as a result of some other plugin I have installed.
your website may even have other options.

Menu Order

We have selected a number of pages, and they have been placed in our Menu.

Next we want to order them.

You can click on an item and drag and drop it where you want it.

If you indent an item, it becomes a sub item to the parent item.

You must Save the Menu before it can be seen.

If you try to leave a page with our saving it you will get this message

This is a really useful warning to save your work.

Once saved, your Menu is now live.

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