Help us get WP Google Maps

We have been doing a bit of a survey and come across a few YWAM websites that have broken Google Maps on them.
Google Maps is a great way to show visual representation for your location but this looks really bad when your visitor sees an error page.
Since COVID 19 we have been working to help YWAM WordPress websites be better.
This tool [WP Google Maps] is a great tool that we want to be able to offer to our users, free of charge.

But why?

Youth With a Mission is 100% voluntary. And we are looking for interesting ways to help people, locations and school get the best bang for their bucks.
Hence our desire to work with them with good tools.
We run a Google Compute Engine on a CentOS server running cPanel to manage the hosting. We can offer fully functional websites at a fraction of the prices of the big boys, but this still has a cost.
Many plugins have a pay once use forever. We want to be able to offer these plugins so people can build out their websites well.

Sites we are working with.