More than a website

Once you have a website the fun can begins.

I want to help you make your website a place you goto to expand the Kingdom of God.

The first big steps are

  • Choose a theme.
  • Create 4 or 5 holder pages
    • Welcome
    • Where we are
    • Meet the team
    • Recent fun
    • Contact us
  • From these pages create your menu.
  • Set your widgets
  • Set up your posts
  • Get photos ready and correctly formatted

This gives you the framework to start building your weekly content.

Special tasks.

Google Maps.

A map says a thousand words, it gets people’s attention and gives them something to play with. You can create a map of your whole country putting in all the YWAM locations.

You can also create a map of the last ten out reaches.

This gives people things to click on and play with. The more people get to play on your site, not just read stuff, the more they will remember you and possibly come back again.


Make it easy for people to subscribe to your website, to receive updates when you put up new stuff.

This engages them, gives them your website in their in box and keeps them in the front of their mind. It is going to be very important to learn how to engage your different friends in the way they like to be engaged. Give them opportunities to respond to projects and needs with out over asking. This is about giving the power of decision in to their hands.


It is really important to make time each week to just come in to the website for security and maintenance.

Check that every thing is up to date.


Whether you like Google or not, if you want people to find you, you are going to have to learn how to feed the algorithm.

This is about putting the content of you website up on other platforms. Do you have an Instagram accout? When every you put pictures up, link them back to your website. Same with Facebook. Better still think about making a business page for your website, sont another spending any money there, but do create a connection back to your website.

Do make sure your information on is accurate and up to date.