Welcome YWAM

What can we do for you?

We may have recently sent you an email, if do we are interested in helping you to make our website save from Hackers with some good plugins, encrypted with your own SSL Certificate, and hosted by us so we can be support to you as you grow what your website does.

YWAM Ships Philippines

Serving the needs of the isolated islands of The Philippines.

Carrying volunteers and medical supplies, bringing compassion, hope, and training to remote locations accessible only by ships.



Training trainers, to train trainers.
Food as medicine: creating health through the food we grow and eat.

Digital YWAM

Making technology work for you.
Google for Non-Profits.
Tech Soup.
technical Training.

Not Just YWAM

Far East Broadcasting New Zealand.

Helping spread the Gospel for over 40 years through Radio and now through many forms of media.

DBS International

A 12-week introduction to the Bible.

Discover an overview of “God’s story” and  the purposes of God in it.
Read the entire Bible, observe the chronology of biblical events, and understand each book in its historical context.
See the harmony between the books, recognize the different genres of literature, and major themes found in these 66 books.

Our Hosting Service

We run a cPanel Server. Your website may already be on a cPanel Server. Our Server, called Amy,  lives inside Google, most likely  in Iowa, were for the last 4 years Google has not had one interruption in service. When hosted by us you get access to a cPanel Account where you can mange all aspects of your Domain Name and Website.

Your Website

WordPress is not most popular Content Management System for websites. We have been hosting WordPress websites for over ten years.

By default we provide you with encryption, backups and automatic updates.


Gain access to Google tools for Websites

We can help you gain access to the tools of Google.

Learn how to better use their tools to your advantage!


Google Analytics

Even with a simple gmail account you can gain access to the tolls of Google Analytics to get a good understanding of who visits your website, from where and when, and how many times.

Google Web Tools

Help your self by prestning your website to Google so you are easily searchable. Leanr when key words have been used to find them and improve on them.
Let Google tell you when they have found an issue with your website.

Google Business

Many YWAM locations do not yet own their own Business Listing in Google. Go to https://google.com and search on your website, is there a business listing form you?
Do you own it?

Google Maps

like a business listing, you may already be a dropped pin of Google Maps. 
Do you own this?
Is the PIN accurate?
is the information accurate?

Lets get the ball rolling.

Go ahead and subscribe to the service you want.

  • Come Host your website with us.
    (1) cPanel Server inside Google.
    (2) Free SSl certificate.
    (3) Free Security Plugins.
    (4) Free daily backups.
    (5) Free online WordPress Classroom.
    This is using your own Domain Name, either controlled separately, or we help to manage it.
    If we help control it, there will be an extra yearly registration fee depending on the kind of name.
    If you have any questions contact us at:

    $125.00 + $5.21 HI Tax
    Some times you need to start from the very beginning again.
    We offer to host your website and build out a new WordPress Website that you can then take control of and manage going forward.
    (1) These websites have all our Security Plugins installed and setup.
    (2) These websites have all our Productivity Plugins installed and setup.
    (3) We set up all the users you need.
    (4) We install Divi, the Theme Builder and together we develop your Site Theme.
    (5) We set up your pages & blogs, think page like [Welcome], [Our Schools], [Our Ministires], [Oppertunrities], [About Us], [Contact Us]. I would help you to set up to 10 pages to begin with.
    (6) You have unlimited access to our resources online, this website, and our Google Classroom.
    If you just want to start with the transfer, you can contact me directly to go over the what setting up a new website looks like.
    $500.00 + $20.84 HI GE