Your Website

There is quite a lot that needs to be done to have a website and make it work for you.

You have to think about Look & Feel, Colours & Fonts, Security & Access, Themes & Plugins.

Sounds like a lot, and we are here to help you navigate through it all.
We have a Google Classroom that you can access free, where we have put up Videos and Lessons on how to do what we do.

We try to keep everything simple, yet at the same time try to address all the needs you will have.
This is whether your website is for a YWAM location, to run schools, or just have your own personal Staff website.

What we do for you.

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    $125.00 + $5.21 HI Tax
    Come Host your website with us.
    (1) cPanel Server inside Google.
    (2) Free SSl certificate.
    (3) Free Security Plugins.
    (4) Free daily backups.
    (5) Free online WordPress Classroom.
    This is using your own Domain Name, either controlled separately, or we help to manage it.
    If we help control it, there will be an extra yearly registration fee depending on the kind of name.
    If you have any questions contact us at:

    $125.00 + $5.21 HI Tax
    We also offer a special discount for your other locations. You can take your domain name, say, add a sub-name, BATANGAS, and create a new website, This has all the features of the main site. See terms and conditions.
    Includes HI Tax
    We have a Google Classroom you can join to learn how to use WordPress