YWAM Sites

Sites we currently host.

We aim to provide a hosting service to YWAM Bases, Locations and Ministries that meet their needs.

We also provide individual hosting inside one of our names ywam.life.
This gives you the ability to have myname.ywam.life


We work at training people who can then become trainers them selves.
So they can go where God calls them to also train trainers.
Every one is a student, we can all become trainers.


We have seen thousands of people, young and old, come to the Philippines to share the love of Jesus with the Filipino people.
We have and continue to play a pivital role in helping people understand what it means to walk as Jesus walked.


This is an idea in incubation.
What is stopping you from getting your phone, recoding your favourite book of the bible, and uploading it to this site?
What would it be like to have the KJV read to you with a Jamaican accent?
How about the NIV with a Russian accent?


12 weeks deep in the bible.
Reading it at least once.

Be exposed to context, harmonies, chronologies and the different genres of the 66 books of the Bible.

Over 40 locations around the world.


This is where part of our YWAM adventure began in 1986.
It was where Christine and I were married in 1987.
it is a place that God continues to put near to us.

The current staff of this location hose teams, work with local ministries, and are good stwards of God calling.


Even in the middle of COVID this is a YWAM location buzzing with learning.

Check out their course, take one online or go there for a school.


What does it take to run an online class?

Did you know that your location may be eligible for greatly reduced hardware and software?

Join the YWAM digital Library.


We believe that God wants families in Cambodia to enjoy fullness of life. He wants them to hear about Jesus and the miracle of salvation, and also to receive education about day to day issues which will enable them to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.


We don’t just host YWAM sites.

Christ to the World by Media.
The Good News of life in Christ is being believed and enjoyed by more and more people all the time. But we have quite a way to go. Outreach and discipleship by media is reaching millions of people, and is a vital complement to the face to face work of the church.



Serving the needs of the isolated islands of The Philippines.


We carry volunteers and medical supplies, bringing compassion, hope, and training to remote locations accessible only by ships.